It bemuses me to no end the amount of fuss masses tend to stir over the astrologically ordinary. Two grand trines happen to intersect, and the company erupts in fervor: “Look, it makes a shape!”

Forgive me for acting the part of wretched scrooge, but I must. Generation Y takes to spiritual extravagance like wannabe whiskey enthusiasts to the enflamed pickleback. Get to know your elders; the drink is Lagavulin, neat, two ice cubes at most.

Fanning the flame, this morning, during my daily yoga practice, my teacher asked us to devote our work to the peace of all beings.

Geometric Abstraction

A redundant sentiment, seeing I was doing yoga. The thought of anything other than supreme balance and serenity was furthest from my mind—at least, until that point.

Now, with the entire hullabaloo waning from this season’s grand water trine amongst Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn, we have turned to the next encounter of the nth kind to obsess over: a grand sextile, or sextet for the more musically inclined, that incorporates Venus, Pluto, and the Moon (in earth signs) into the equation.

It speaks to highlight this triad independently, for a moment. Venus in Virgo seeks to correct and balance our workload, grounding ethics in responsibility; Pluto in Capricorn continues the destructive trials of those in power, putting the boundaries of this world on edge; the Moon in Taurus roots our senses in pleasurable, tree-hugging harmony.

Refer to my earlier full moon reports—in Capricorn, and most recently, Aquarius—to understand the heightened value of the passing water triad. In short, Jupiter in Cancer blesses foundations with smooth, elegant composition; Neptune in Pisces challenges us to dream beyond expectation; Saturn in Scorpio rewards seekers of ritual and transformation with realistic goals.

The Sun has also just erupted into Leo—it’s home sign—causing an exaggerated spark of intensity within all aspects. “Do not go in there!” it flamboyantly exclaims, acting out immediately as if to make up for the murky time spent in Cancer.

The Moon’s reflection also completes its last quarter before resetting in Leo on August 6th (two days before Pluto directly opposes Jupiter, activating the water triad once more).

Astrological study formulates two grayish categories of “good” and “bad,” as with most of our perceived world. Trines fall into the “good” side of things. Imagine enumerable blessings and confidence regarding the planets, signs, and houses which in aspect. Squares, a trine’s sworn enemy, represent tense, conductive action, and are typically viewed as “bad.”

This validity of these definitions is arguable. For example, trines can lead to laziness and a lack of motivation, while squares usually precede moments of great creative expression. Whether they are good or bad is completely up to you.

Now, we’re getting an immense amount of fawning over this new cerebral heart-opening savior aspect that will channel love through the hearts of millions, cure cancer, feed the homeless, make you rich beyond imagination, and transcend our consciousness by creating Heaven on Earth, awakening the awareness of God hidden deep within your burning soul. Are you beginning to see the real pattern here?

Okay, so the six-pointed double tetrahedron is the psychedelic love chariot that surrounds all of creation and will carry us into the next dimension. I dig that. Today’s hexagram is far from perfectly aligned, however (at the peak, it’s still 5 degrees off). That’s important in a universe where sacred geometry demands perfection.

Astrologers use varying degrees of orbs—difference of degrees between aspects—to interpret the sky. Some use up to 15 degrees for the slowest planets. When does it end? Divination is as extensive and infinite as quantum physics; I genuinely believe that a master medium could interpret fate from something as simple as discarded peppermint leaves.

I’m not discrediting those who want to accept the orb and stretch the meaning to fit their ideals of perfection. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Trines, although beneficial, inspiring, and luxurious, require independently induced action to kick them into  gear. It’s like finding a brand new Ferrari without the keys in the ignition. You’re going to have to hotwire the car to get it started. But once you do… vroom.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

It seems we’ve found not a sports car but an entire fleet of extraterrestrial aircraft. Do you fawn over the allure, technology, and impacting implications of the unknown spacecraft, partying atop skyscrapers awaiting inevitable future contact, or do you climb inside and figure out how to turn the damn thing on?

Activating this immense spiritual power will take more than a passing thought on a breezy summer’s day, or a tweet, or a yoga class. We’re on the cusp of serious spiritual and societal evolution, but we can only advance with full participation. This means completely changing our lifestyle, no longer making excuses, and living our life’s duty—albeit different from person to person—to the fullest.

We’re on the cusp of serious spiritual and societal evolution, but we can only advance with full participation.

A few weeks ago, I was asked, “Do you live your life to the best of your ability?” Without hesitation, I answered, “Yes.” My cohorts were not so confident. What was the issue, I wondered. Live your day the way you mean to live it. Follow your bliss. Remember to breathe. That’s about it.

And, if you want to drink whiskey, then take it straight. Watered down intentions do no one justice.

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