Sky Photo credit D Sharon Pruitt, Creative Commons.

On an updraft, mind spirals.
Upward, outward.
Clouds part for piercing rays of thought,
Floating on the wings
of some buzzing insect.

A universe expands and meets itself in a mirror.
Reflection suddenly altering an entire destiny.
But it was always a reflection,
Floating on the wings
of some cerulean fish.

Light and time and energy collapse
into the only moment that ever was.
The dance of pure crisp air.
Floating on the wings
of it all.

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"What is knowledge anyway? It is not a physical thing; but neither is it a metaphysical ideal, like a perfect circle that can never be drawn, a mathematical constant with an infinite decimal tail, or a goddess of sublime beauty who never ages. Knowledge, eventually, relates to nothing but itself, and leads nowhere but back to itself." - Reverend Nemu

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