Ridiculous beauty:

By minute 7 I was totally entranced. Art.

Creative director, Angus Farquhar, says of the choreographed/LED-itized/megatracer/dance/bike/sauce:

At times it’s like molecules chasing each other…The racing cycles were creating a set of imagery I had never seen. That’s a very exciting moment — when you’re seeing something visually for the first time.

Ghost Peloton

Video was premiered on the creators project, and you can read more about the story behind this video over there.

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"What is knowledge anyway? It is not a physical thing; but neither is it a metaphysical ideal, like a perfect circle that can never be drawn, a mathematical constant with an infinite decimal tail, or a goddess of sublime beauty who never ages. Knowledge, eventually, relates to nothing but itself, and leads nowhere but back to itself." - Reverend Nemu

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