We were recently reminded that the psychedelic state is:

     every quanta of time

…it is tapping into every timeline, seeing all possibility overlapping onto one experience of a moment. An utterance will cascade into many futures–yet we will experience but one of these futures in our waking life.

However, destabilized by the effects of a psychedelic and thrown into non-linear being, we will flash in and out of a handful of timelines, infinite numbers of them, all of them, and know their fates as we know infinity.

In a flash, one can feel that time is a bifurcating fractal of everything and anything. It is conveniently compressed by our subjective experience into linear moments-by-moments.

Multiverse by blepfo Image Credit: ~blepfo (CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0)

The sensations of the body in this state are highly related to this idea that all possibilities simultaneously occur (or are in being). In this non-linear state of being, the simultaneous (or rapidly oscillating) experiences of hot and cold, of boundary and no boundary, of weight and weightlessness appear to indicate the body dances at the juncture of time, the wave (the all), with time, the particle (the thing).

Through living, we collapse the wave of time into a particle, a single thing moving forward. But, this wave encompasses all moments, all alternative histories and futures, and we pop in and out of them to create one conscious self.

Which timeline do we sober into?

  • Styrofoam Ned February 6, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    How does this relate to the difference between the explosive psychedelic experience from a short acting substance (leaving almost no conscious ability to choose) and the long winding (sometimes exhausting) experience of a substance that may be just as profound but gives us the ability to become “stable” (even bored in time) within the experience rather than simply be shocked… often left with only the momentary thought of, “THIS TIME I’ve done it”.

    • Paisley Circus March 17, 2013 at 5:44 pm

      Somewhat related…I suppose the “explosive” experience is more likely to provide a perception of the “space” where all timelines are and have and will occur. The “stable” experience that can occur more frequently in longer-lasting, low dose, and/or “lower frequency oscillator” psychedelics (i.e., lower hertz of the psychedelic control interrupt, as described by James Kent–not DMT, maybe salvia or psilocin) is often perceived as the single linear timeline of reality, but the mind will often throw itself into the non-linear “all time” experience in repetitive fashion based on the frequency of the control interrupt or dosage. So, you might be flowing along in a somewhat linear, stable experience, and then boom five minutes later you’re in the “all time” for a few minutes, then back to stable, then boom, and so on. Love.


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